SmartPalate 20-Pack


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Save $2,000 when you empower your organization and students with guess-free speech training with a SmartPalate 20-Pack! Each SmartPalate is  customized to a student’s unique upper palate and displays real-time tongue contact during speech.

Each SmartPalate purchase includes a FREE acrylic Practice Palate to help users acclimate to their new SmartPalate!

Bulk SmartPalates may be used over time. Upon ordering, you will receive 20 dental packets from CompleteSpeech which you can individually assign to students, clinicians, or other users immediately, or over time. Upon your distribution of a dental packet, each individual must have a local dentist or orthodontist create a “stone model” of their upper palate. The dental packet from CompleteSpeech includes instructions for their dental provider as well as a pre-stamped box & shipping materials to submit the model. The individual’s custom SmartPalate will be completed within 5 business days from the date the stone model was received.

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  • 20 Dental Packets w/instructions for dental provider and shipping materials
  • 20 Customized SmartPalate mouthpieces
  • 20 SmartPalate Protective Cases
  • 20 Care and Handling Information Cards
  • 20 Practice Palates

Dental impression costs are not included in price.

A SmartPalate cannot be used without a DataLink and SmartPalate Software License. See Memberships


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