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for developing and practicing accurate and consistent speech articulation!


CompleteSpeech sells a revolutionary speech therapy device known as the “SmartPalate,” a custom-fit retainer equipped with 124 sensors that visually display tongue-to-palate contact in real-time, helping release students from speech therapy faster than traditional therapy methods.

Applications for the SmartPalate System include basic speech articulation remediation, remediation for articulation problems associated with cleft palate, autism, apraxia, dyphasia, stroke and other related causes as well as accent modification and language training.

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SmartPalate System

The SmartPalate System is an Electropalatography technology, or EPG, that gives biofeedback to the user. This provides instant visual feedback of tongue-to-palate contact creating the opportunity to see sounds, self monitor and self-correct.


At CompleteSpeech Clinic we provide Speech Therapy services with visual feedback technology

CompleteSpeech is the industry leader in technology using the Smart Palate or “SmartPalate” for speech therapy. Invented by audiologist, physician and speech therapist Dr. Samuel Fletcher. The SmartPalate has been developed, tested and perfected over the last 50 years. The technology is being used around the world, in countries such as the United States, Greece, Japan, and Canada, as well as at prestigious universities and medical institutions, including Purdue, Syracruse University, and Mayo Clinic.