About the company

Our mission is to help individuals develop proper speech habits as quickly and as effectively as possible. We do this by developing unique technologies that remove guessing through visual and tactile feedback.

Proper speech is a habit which is developed through accurate and consistent practice. When students can see what they need to do to make a sound correctly and can monitor whether they said it correctly or not, they can spend their time practicing it and developing those habits, not guessing how to say it or whether they said it right. Our technologies allow students to practice accurately with their clinician, then take the technology home and practice without losing any accuracy. CompleteSpeech has the only tools that allow students to practice perfectly at home in a measurable way.

Our technologies were developed by Dr. Samuel Fletcher CCC-SLP Aud

About the company

Dr. Fletcher originally developed these tools to help individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired who wanted to develop or improve their verbal speech. As 60% of the population are visual learners, these technologies have quickly been adopted for applications ranging from children with delayed articulation to accent modification for business executives.