What is the SmartPalate?

The SmartPalate was invented by Dr. Samuel Fletcher CCC-SLP AuD and is a customized, acrylic mouthpiece with 124 gold-plated sensors that capture tongue-to-palate contact. When used together with the SmartPalate software and other components of the SmartPalate system, real-time visual feedback of tongue to palate contact is relayed via a monitor. The palatometer turns the oral actions into visual patterns, allowing users to then match proper tongue placement for target sounds based on the configuration they see on screen. These “tongue targets” help users to quickly produce sounds simply by positioning their tongue within guided target areas. This immediate feedback provides users with a clear understanding of what changes need to be made to build and perfect lasting speech habits. The SmartPalate is proven to help individuals easily and effectively practice consistent and accurate sound productions!

How it works:

The SmartPalate system is composed of three essential features:

The SmartPalate software allows users to see instant visual feedback of their tongue-to-palate contact shown through a computer monitor display.

The DataLink is a microprocessor that hangs around the neck with a magnetic lanyard and connects to the computer through a provided USB cord. The DataLink is equipped with a microphone that records the user’s speech and syncs with the SmartPalate’s visual feedback.

The SmartPalate captures tongue-to-palate contact during live speech, which is fed through the DataLink and then into the SmartPalate Software by connecting the SmartPalate through a micro USB cable to the top of the DataLink. It is a customized acrylic mouthpiece equipped with sensors that capture real-time tongue-to-palate contact.
With these three components, you will be able to access all of the features of the SmartPalate software which allow users to see real-time visual feedback, create custom tongue targets for key sounds, monitor accuracy of repetitions, record and review sessions, and evaluate progress and development! Proven to Work! Research with the SmartPalate has proven successful for a variety of issues and disorders, including: Accent Reduction, Articulation/Phonological Disorders, Cleft Palate, Down Syndrome, Eating and Swallowing, Glossectomy, Hearing Impairment, Laryngectomy, and more. “I’m taking these kids that no one else has been successful with, and we’re having success.”

—Holly Stankosky, M.S. CCC-SLP