Practice Palate


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Acclimate to your SmartPalate quickly with a custom Practice Palate! The Practice Palate is a custom-formed acrylic mouthpiece that directly matches the mouthpiece of an individual’s SmartPalate, but does not include the sensor equipment. The Practice Palate is used to become comfortable conversing while wearing a mouthpiece and to gradually acclimate individuals with a sensitive gag reflex to using a SmartPalate.

Practice Palates are included FREE with a SmartPalate purchase or membership. Practice Palates may be purchased separately as replacements or as tests to see if an individual would respond well to a SmartPalate prior to purchasing.

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Includes one custom-made acrylic mouthpiece. Dental packet also provided for individuals requiring new stone model. Dental fees for creating the stone model not included.


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