SmartPalate 2.5 Software


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Keep your practice current with the latest version of SmartPalate Software! With SmartPalate 2.5, users simply create a profile, save tongue tongue targets, and have all practice features available in a single practice window with simple and intuitive control buttons.

SmartPalate 2.5 Software replaced the previous “PalateView Software” versions with an entirely new and intuitive tab-based interface with improved practice features. SmartPalate 2.5 puts all the user’s controls in easy-to-navigate Speaker, Tongue Target, and Practice tabs, replacing the monochromatic interface with drop-down menu controls. Also new to 2.5 is the single-user view, anatomical mouth model, no sensor practice view, simplified configuration feature, improved oral coordination and gold standard functionality, speaker data management system, simplified installation, archived tongue target files, and improved accuracy of CSV output data. The SmartPalate Software 2.5 Update is fully compatible with Windows 10.

All SmartPalate Upgrades are available for FREE with a CompleteSpeech Membership. Organizations and individuals who own their equipment and are not members may purchase a software upgrade in connection with their existing software license. Future upgrades will be available for purchase.

*You must be a CompleteSpeech Member AND logged in to receive your software update for FREE.*

For Non-Memberbers who have the SmartPalate Software 2.0, the Upgrade is only $199.99. Please call 877-710-6031 for purchasing details.

• 1 License for SmartPalate Software 2.5

Software may be used according to an individual’s existing software license agreement with CompleteSpeech.


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