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Real-time Visual Feedback

for developing and practicing accurate and consistent speech articulation!

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About Us

CompleteSpeech sells a revolutionary speech therapy device known as the “SmartPalate,” a custom-fit retainer equipped with 124 sensors that visually display tongue-to-palate contact in real-time, helping release students from speech therapy faster than traditional therapy methods.

Applications for the SmartPalate System include basic speech articulation remediation, remediation for articulation problems associated with cleft palate, autism, apraxia, dyphasia, stroke and other related causes as well as accent modification and language training.


Our Story

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Astrid Barahona,

FAST sponsored Astrid almost 2 years ago for speech therapy. She quickly began using SmartPalate and CompleteSpeech. With therapy, Astrid improved her mouth and tongue control and improved her communication skills.

Her speech therapy has helped her improve her communication abilities.Astrid is now comfortable communicating with others and expresses herself. Since then, she has grown to become a more social and kind-hearted girl. Communication truly brightened her world and those around her!

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