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The TargetPalate is a customized mouthpiece designed to utilize a tactile-feedback (touch & feel) system to teach accurate tongue placement and develop correct speech sounds.

Upon ordering, have a local dentist or orthodontist create a “stone model” of your upper palate. You will receive a dental packet from CompleteSpeech with instructions for your dental provider as well as a pre-stamped box & shipping materials to submit the model. Your custom TargetPalate will be completed within 5 business days from the date the stone model was received.


Speech Therapy

• Resting tongue position – tongue thrust therapy
• Stabilizing tongue position – anchoring
• Teaching tongue placement for specific phonemes
– L (Direct tactile feedback)

• Carry over from therapy to home with or without SmartPalate
• More accurate home practice for non SmartPalate users
• “Away from home” and “away from computer” practice
– Idea that you can have feedback that travels with you

• Reference guide during therapy sessions to maintain accuracy
• Engagement activities for articulation drilling – games
• Oral coordination – touching points, building tongue strength

Accent Modification

• English palate – What does it feel like to speak English like an American? (Spanish, Japanese, Russian, etc)
• Learning English sounds/pronunciation with palate



• Palate contours to palate for natural articulation
• Roofless palate for real palate contact
• Small tactile targets for fine tuning placement
• Large tactile targets for anchoring to molars
• Mobile, hands-free articulation feedback
• Nonobstructive
• Facilitates isolated practice through carry over
• Durable carrying case included
• Orientation and Target Reference Guide included


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