Gold Equipment Warranty


Protect your SmartPalate System investment with our most comprehensive protection plan ever! The Gold Equipment Warranty covers all current, future, and even previously purchased SmartPalates and DataLinks!

The Gold Equipment Warranty provides 1 FREE replacement of a SmartPalate OR DataLink device. After the first replacement, all additional devices can be replaced with a minimal deductible ($59.99/SmartPalate & $99.99/DataLink for members and $99.99/SmartPalate & $149.99/DataLink for nonmembers) in place of a full replacement cost.

The Gold Equipment Warranty is included with the CompleteSpeech Membership.

Gold Equipment Warranty includes 1 FREE replacement of either a SmartPalate or DataLink device. Reduced deductibles available for any additional SmartPalate or DataLink purchases (quantity unlimited).

Shipping for free or reduced price replacements not included.


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