Because the best practice is consistent practice.

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Easy. Affordable. Effective.

Intuitive design pairs with simple application to bring you this useful practice tool.
At home or on-the-go, build lasting speech habits with the TargetPalate.






Practice Designed For You

Every TargetPalate is custom-made to help encourage consistent practice outside of therapy. These innovative mouthpieces help you focus on the R, L, S/Z, or T/D sounds.

The TargetPalate uses raised bumps to help reinforce proper tongue placement. Use these tactile bumps as a map to guide your tongue towards proper speech sounds.


At Home

Make the most of your time away from therapy.

  • Consistent practice on your own.
  • Work at your own pace with friends and family.
  • Don't put your training on hold between therapy sessions.

In Therapy

Efficient use of therapy time by using effective tools.

  • Improve faster than before.
  • Instant, accurate feedback.
  • Reinforce better muscle memory.

Better Practice with the TargetPalate.

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