Register Professional Membership with CompleteSpeech to gain access to the entire SmartPalate System for a low monthly payment. Get the best tools for Speech Therapy at affordable rates! Members receive the System Components and Membership Benefits listed below.


Sytem Components

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Professional Membership Benefits

Receive live customer support Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm MST.

Receive any software updates including bug fixes, functionality improvements, and other similar updates.

Receive any new versions of software.

Receive replacements of any CompleteSpeech equipment that is not functioning due to manufacturing defects within 30-days of receiving it. Shipping of any equipment back to CompleteSpeech for repair or replacement is at the member’s expense while return shipment to the customer is paid for by
CompleteSpeech. Products that are replaced will have a new manufacturer warranty where returned equipment in functioning condition will continue with the original manufacturer’s warranty.

A member exclusive warranty that during active membership has no expiration and covers any equipment included in or purchased during your Membership. The member has one free replacement available of any one item each year. If more than one replacement is needed in a year, a deductible will be
required for each additional replacement.

Receive exclusive monthly promotions.

Receive discounted membership pricing on almost every product all the time.


Schedule a free 1-on-1 software training with a CompleteSpeech trainer to run through the features of the software and how to use it with your SLP.

The MMR is guaranteed not to increase from the original Activation Date MMR with a continuous active membership that is up to date on payments.

If the Membership continues after the minimum 6-month term, the MMR will be lowered by $20 and continue on a month-to-month basis. The same will occur again at the 12-month mark. The MMR cannot go below $49.99 for any reason. To receive this discount, a Membership Questionaire must be submitted.

Receive CompleteSpeech training materials via email as well as the downloads page on our website.

Receive a 10% discount towards the CompleteSpeech/F.A.S.T Guatemala trip’s travel costs.

Receive exclusive online membership status at to receive purchasing discounts and exclusive downloadable content.

In emergencies, CompleteSpeech can freeze a membership for one month, delaying payment for the next billing cycle on a case by case basis. A request must be submitted via email

*There are multiple discounts that can be received to lower the MMR. See page 5 for more details.
*Components that need to be returned at end of Membership.