Register a Student Membership with CompleteSpeech to gain access to the entire SmartPalate System for a low monthly payment. Get the best tools for Speech Therapy at affordable rates! Members receive the System Components and Membership Benefits listed below.



Student Memberships are a 6-month minimum. Continue month-to-month membership after the initial 6 months and receive a $20 per month discount. Continue month-to-month membership after the initial 12 months and receive another $20 per month discount. MMR cannot go below $49.99/month.

System Components

SmartPalate Mouthpice(1)
USB Cable(1)

Membership Benefits

Live Customer Support

SmartPalate Software Updates 

Membership Price Guarantee 

Purchasing Discount 

Emergency Month 

30-Day Manufacturer Warranty 

Gold Warranty

 SmartPalate Software Version Upgrades

Membership Extension Discount (6 & 12 months)

Live Online Software Training

Online Credentials

Exclusive Monthly Promotions

Training Materials

Guatemala Trip Discount

*There are multiple discounts that can be received to lower the MMR. See page 5 for more details.
*Components that need to be returned at end of Membership.

Important Terms

The following are important definitions/descriptions to understand if considering or registering for a

SmartPalate System: The combination of software and
hardware needed to use the SmartPalate mouthpiece
including the SmartPalate, DataLink, Software CD, USB
Cord and DataLink Lanyard.

SmartPalate: A customized acrylic mouthpiece with gold-plated sensors that read tongue-to-palate and lip-to-lip contact. It is not transferable between users.

DataLink: An information processing device which syncs tongue-to-palate contact with the SmartPalate Software and records audio.

TargetPalate: An acrylic customized mouthpiece that has strategically placed tactile bumps allowing you to feel where you need to place your tongue to pronounce speech sounds at home or on the go. It is available in 5 sound configurations.(See image at bottom right)

SmartPalate Software: An intuitive program with multiple functions and features including instant visual feedback of tongue-to-palate contact when using the SmartPalate. Only available for PC.

SmartPalate Software License: The legal authorization to install and operate the SmartPalate Software. One license is valid for one computer.

PracticePalate: A customized acrylic mouthpiece without sensors used to acclimate a user by simulating the SmartPalate.

DataLink Lanyard: A padded cord with magnetic ends that attach to the upper sides of the DataLink, holding it in place around the user’s neck.

USB Cord: A cord to connect the DataLink to a USB port.

MMR: An acronym for the Monthly Membership Rate. This is the monthly fee that members pay to maintain membership status and benefits.


Dental Packet: A small box shipped to the member
containing bubble wrap and instructions for the
orthodontist or dentist on how to create a Stone Model
of the upper palate. Once the Stone Model is ready,
place it in the bubble wrap and then in the original
Dental Packet box. The Dental Packet box is prepaid
for return shipping to CompleteSpeech with the Stone
Model inside. (See image below).

Dental Impression: A general term for a cast made of a
portion of the mouth including the teeth and soft tissue.

Upper Palate Impression: The cast of the upper palate
used to create a Stone Model.

Stone Model: The hardened material/cast that reflects
the upper palate of the client, taken from the upper
palate impression and used to create the SmartPalate.
(See image at below)

SmartPalate Software: An intuitive program with
multiple functions and features including instant visual
feedback of tongue-to-palate contact when using the
SmartPalate. Only available for PC.

1-User System: A box containing the DataLink(s),
DataLink Lanyard(s),USB Cord(s), and SmartPalate
software disc.

Activation Date: The official date the membership
starts. This is the same date that the first payment is
processed, usually the same day the Membership
Order Form is received. The Activation Date can be
post dated.

Renewal/Cancellation Deadline: The official date by hich a member needs to cancel their membership in order for it to not auto-renew on a monthly basis.

Cancellation Form: The official CompleteSpeech
cancellation form that must be submitted within certain
time frames to begin the cancellation of a membership.
This form is given upon request by CompleteSpeech.

System Return Date Deadline: The official date by which the SmartPalate System with all its components, except for customized parts, must be returned by to finalize cancellation of a membership. This is usually 30 days after the end/final date of active membership. 

Total Due on Activation: The total amount due on the Activation date including the Activation, Shipping, A La Carte purchases and initial MMR payment.

Memebership Order Form: The form required to start a membership with a hand written or electronic signature.

Getting Started

The following steps must be taken to start using the SmartPalate system:

  1. Fill out the Student Membership Order Form on the last page of this document and send it via email ( or fax (801-960-1452).
  2. Schedule an appointment with a local orthodontist or dentist to create an upper palate impression.

    A Dental Packet and 1-User System will be shipped to the shipping address provided within 1-2 business days of the activation date. Take the Dental Packet, which contains palatal impression instructions, to the dentist/orthodontist appointment. A Stone Model averages 24-48 hours to be ready for shipping from the time the impression is taken. The member may either pick up the impression and mail it in the Dental Packet or give the Dental Packet to the dentist/orthodontist and have them mail the Stone Model when it is ready.

Typically, the cost of a Stone Model is $40-$65.

  1. The SmartPalate will take 5-7 business days to becreated once the Stone Model is received. Duringthis waiting period, do the following:

    Go to and register a new account by clicking on the “login” tab at the top of the home page and choose “Create An Account.” Choose to be listed as a Member during the registration process. CompleteSpeech will receive a notification of the registration and approve membership status for benefits such as discounted pricing and dowloadable content.

    Open the following link and watch the15-minute training video on the SmartPalate Software. There are many other great videos on our YouTube channel to watch as well. Simply search for CompleteSpeech on YouTube and look for the CompleteSpeech logo. The more videos that are watched the better.

  2. Open the 1-User System box. Following the instructions in the 15-minute training video. Install the SmartPalate Software (V2.5) using the link provided. Practice the features of the software so they are familiar when the SmartPalate arrives.
  3. Start practicing better speech with the SmartPalate when it arrives.




Membership Benefits

Each Student Membership receives the following benefits:

Live Customer Support
Receive live customer support Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm MST.

SmartPalate Software Updates
Receive any software updates including bug fixes, functionality improvements, and other similar updates.

SmartPalate Software Version Upgrade
Receive any new versions of software.

30-Day Manufacturer Warranty
Receive replacements of any CompleteSpeech equipment that is not functioning due to manufacturing defects within 30-days of receiving it. Shipping of any equipment back to CompleteSpeech for repair or replacement is at the member’s expense while return shipment to the customer is paid for by
CompleteSpeech. Products that are replaced will have a new manufacturer warranty where returned equipment in functioning condition will continue with the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Gold Warranty
A member exclusive warranty that during active membership has no expiration and covers any equipment included in or purchased during your Membership. The member has one free replacement available of any one item each year. If more than one replacement is needed in a year, a deductible will be
required for each additional replacement.

Exclusive Monthly Promotions
Receive exclusive monthly promotions.

Purchasing Discount
Receive discounted membership pricing on almost every product all the time.

Live Online Software Training
Schedule a free 1-on-1 software training with a CompleteSpeech trainer to run through the features of the software and how to use it with your SLP.

Membership Price Guarantee
The MMR is guaranteed not to increase from the original Activation Date MMR with a continuous active membership that is up to date on payments.

Membership Extension Discount
If the Membership continues after the minimum 6-month term, the MMR will be lowered by $20 and continue on a month-to-month basis. The same will occur again at the 12-month mark. The MMR cannot go below $49.99 for any reason. To receive this discount, a Membership Questionaire must be submitted.

CompleteSpeech Training Materials
Receive CompleteSpeech training materials via email as well as the downloads page on our website.

Guatemala Trip Discount
Receive a 10% discount towards the CompleteSpeech/F.A.S.T Guatemala trip’s travel costs.

Online Credentials
Receive exclusive online membership status at to receive purchasing discounts and exclusive downloadable content.

Emergency Month
In emergencies, CompleteSpeech can freeze a membership for one month, delaying payment for the next billing cycle on a case by case basis. A request must be submitted via email

Membership Benefits

The following is important information to read through to become a member and to keep for reference during membership.

Student Memebership Qualitications

To qualify for a Student Membership one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • Be a parent, guardian or spouse of a person who has a speech disorder/impediment/delay wanting to use the SmartPalate System to improve their speech
  • Not professionally involved in the speech industry
  • Have a speech disorder/impediment/delay and wish to use the SmartPalate System to improve speech
  • Be a university student studying the SmartPalate system or wanting to use it with one of their clients showing valid Student ID

if unsure these qualifications are met, please contact us.


Memberships are processed and activated on the date that the signed membership order form is received by CompleteSpeech (Activation Date). The Activation Date can be post dated up to one month away. Each Student Membership has a 6-month minimum term. Following the initial 6-month term, memberships automatically renew on a month-to-month basis.

Billing & Late Fees
The first payment will be the Total Due on the Activation which is shown on the Membership Order Form. Barring promotions, this amount consists of the cost of shipping, activation, a la carte purchases and the first monthly payment of the membership is being prepaid. Prepaid memberships include the full amount for the initial 6 months paid on the activation date. The Membership Activation Date will become the monthly billing date for subsequent months throughout the membership. Each member

has a 5-day grace period to reconcile any amount pastdue. After this grace period, a $2/day late fee will be applied to the membership until the full amount past due has been paid. If the full amount due, including late fees, have not be paid within 30-days, the member will be sent an email notifying them of the total past due amount with an additional 15 days to make payment. After the 15-days, the member’s account will be sent to collections. Do not hesitate to contact CompleteSpeech if a payment is going to be late. We will work with you if you are proactivally communicating with us.

Sales Tax
Anyone outside of Utah will not be charged sales tax on any product or service and will need to report sales tax for products on the purchaser’s tax returns. Memberships are a service and therefore have no sales tax in any of the 50 states.


All of the following discounts can be compounded at the same time along with monthly promotions and flash sales. The current month’s promotion can be seen at under “Promotions,” located under the “What’s New” tab. Regardless of promotions, the MMR cannot go below $59.99 for any reason. The following discounts are available for CompleteSpeech Student Memberships:

  • Prepaid Discount – Members may prepay their 6-month membership to get a 10% discount applied to their MMR total
  • SLP Member Discount – A Student Membership working with an SLP who has an active Professional or Institutional Membership will receive $10 off their MMR
  • Active Military Discount – Active military may submit a copy of their military ID and receive $10 off their MMR
  • Membership Extension Discount – The MMR of Memberships that continue after the minimum 6-month term will be lowered by $20, and another $20 after 12 months of active Membership. To receive this discount, a Membership Questionaire must be submitted.
  •  SmartPalate to Membership Upgrade Discount

(See membership Upgrading section form more details)

Membership Upgradign

A La Carte SmartPalate purchases can be upgraded to a Student Membership within the 30-day manufacturer warranty period. During that time, the Smartpalate’s purchase price will be applied to the overall Membership costs. A $10 discount will be applied to the MMR for those who decide to upgrade after the 30-day manufacturing period from an individual SmartPalate to a Membership.

Shipping & Activation

The membsership shpping cost is a flat fee of $40. The 1-User system will ship within 1-2 business days of the activation date. The cost of shipping covers four shipments: 1) the 1-User System 2) the Dental Packet 3) return shipping for the Dental Packet with the stone model inside 4) the finished SmartPalate to the member. All shipments are sent to the shipping address listed on the Order Form. Manufacturing and testing takes an estimated 5-7 business days, after which the custom SmartPalate will be shipped with an estimated shipping period of 2-7 days. The entire startup process, from submiting the Order Form to receiving the finished SmartPalate, takes 3-4 weeks on average in normal circumstances. A 30-day return period is provided to make up for this startup time (see section “30-Day Return Period”). Talk with a Membership Specialist about how to save additional time on the setup period. A La Carte purchases will incur additional shipping costs. Activation is a one time fee of $59.


The following is detailed information of CompleteSpeech’s cancellation plicy:

Process & Early Cancellation

Canceling is a three step process: 1) request a Memebsehip Cancellation Form (No other medium of cancellation will be accepted to initiate the cancellation process. An email or verbal request to

cancel is insufficiente) 2) review, sign and return the cancellation form before the next invoice date/end of the membership (in order to not get billed on the next billing date) 3) return the 1-User System by or before the System Return Due Date given on the Cancellation Form. Canceling at any point during the initial 6-month minimum period will incur a cancellation fee equal to the total remaining balance of the initial membership term. The 1-User System must be returned in working condition to CompleteSpeech by the System Return Due Date outlined in the Membership Cancellation Form to

The 1-User System must be returned in working condition to CompleteSpeech by the System Return Due Date outlined in the Membership Cancellation Form to finalize cancellation. SmartPalates and PracticePalates DO NOT need to be returned. The Membsership Cancellation Form is insufficient to finalize cancellation and only begins the process. The Cancellation Form AND the complete 1-User system must be received to finalize the membership cancellation. If a Membership Cancellation form has been submitted and the complete 1-user system is in the possession of CompleteSpeech by or before the return date, the account will then be officially canceled, and the member will no longer be responsible for payments to the account. If the Membership Cancellation Form or the complete 1-User System is not received in the described time frame, the membership will continue, and the member will be charged monthly until the Membership Cancellation Form is submitted and the 1-User System is returned and in the possession of CompleteSpeech.

30-Day Return Periord

Once a Cancellation Form is submitted, the member will have the remaining days covered by the last payment plus an additional 30 days in which to return the 1-User System. This time is to allow the member to finish using the SmartPalate and to account for the return shipping of the 1-User System to CompleteSpeech. The last day of the 30-Day period is the System Return Due Date by which date CompleteSpeech must receive all 1-User System components that need to be returned by that date. CompleteSpeech is not responsible for lost or damaged Equipment during transit from the member to CompleteSpeech.

Equipment must be returned in good, working condition. A thorough test will be conducted to assure the good working condition of all returned components. Replacement costs for broken or missing equipment is due 15 days after the 30-Day return period/System Return Due Date. Equipment that is returned broken will fall under the Gold Warranty replacement terms. Fees for broken or missing equipment are as follows:

Special Considerations

The following are additional important details to consider when starting a membership:

Software Minimum Requirements

  • PC ONLY (SmartPalate software is NOT compatible with Mac)
    • Runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Windows 10 may affect audio playback)
    • Talk with a Membership Specialist about how some people have been able to use a Mac with the SmartPalate Software (Not guaranteed)
  • Ram: 4GB (minimum)
  • I/O Ports: 1 standard USB Port (2 USB Ports for split screen feature)
  • Working Sound Card is required for Record/Playback features

SmartPalate Care

The SmartPalate requires special care and handling to ensure proper functionality. Follow these rules to keep the SmartPalate system in good long lasting condition. Users must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • ALWAYS clean the SmartPalate mouthpiece gently after each use
  • ALWAYS remove the SmartPalate by placing two fingers on each side of the acrlic material (by the rear molars) and pull down, applying increased force as needed.
  • ALWAYS store the SmartPalate System equipment safely in between uses
  • DO NOT allow water near the SmartPalate blue plastic housing or cord
  • DO NOT twist, bend or fold the flexible strip or any other item more than necessary for regular use
  • NEVER submerge the SmartPalate blue plastic housing in water
  • NEVER remove the SmartPalate by pulling on the cord or blue plastic housing
  • NEVER bite, chew, or grind teeth while wearing the SmartPalate 
Use the following link for videos on proper care and cleaning: SmartPalate Software On rare occasion, personalized settings such as computer restrictions, programs, security settings or other unknown causes may affect the features and functionality of the SmartPalate software. Due to such unique occurrences, the software cannot be guaranteed to have full functionality and capability on every computer. These rare occurrences are not considered reasonable grounds for early cancellation. If CompleteSpeech has done its due diligence to resolve incompatibility issues and the software is still not functional, the situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis and steps will be taken to resolve the situation. If one of the three following conditions occurs, a membership can be granted early cancellation without penalty:
  • The majority of features and functions are not functioning
  • Visual feedback of tongue to palate is not functioning
  • Custom tongue targets cannot be created
Special Adjustments: In certain cases, adjustments must be made to create SmartPalates for individuals with orthodontia (braces, palatal expanders, etc).

missing teeth, changing teeth/palate, or small, smooth or flat teeth. These situations can generally be accommodated so long as an accurate stone model can be made. Adjustments will be required if a stone model has abnormalities, such as bubbles or excess material that do not reflect the true palate of the indiviual.

Due to these required adjustments, CompleteSpeech is not responsible for replacing loose or tight fitting mouthpieces. In most of these cases, a small amount of denture adhesive or a slight trimming will resolve problems with a loose fitting SmartPalate during therapy.Individuals should consult with CompleteSpeech to decide if using a SmartPalate should be delayed until after braces are removed.

Stone Models: A stone model of the upper palate must be sent to CompleteSpeech for the patient who will be working with the SmartPalate. This model can be made by a dentist or orthodontist, typically at a cost of $40-$65 each. The quality of stone model impressions can vary based on a number of factors. Bubbles that form during the drying process or excess material on the teeth, gums or palate of the stone model are the most common issues that may arise. A stone model made from a weaker or crumbly material, such as plaster, can cause more serious problems in the manufacturing process. A hard stone is best; we recommend Dental Stone. Additionally, sharp edges of the model may be sanded down for easier and safer handling with the stone model. CompleteSpeech is not responsible for replacing SmartPalates due to poor impressions or making exceptions of payments or lost time. CompleteSpeech is not responsible for lost or damaged Stone Models during transit from the member to CompleteSpeech.


Medical adhesive acrylic or polyimide (Kapton) is used to make the SmartPalate mouthpieces. Individuals should not use a SmartPalate if they have known allergies to these materials.


CompleteSpeech has a general no refund policy. A 
petition can be made and sent to CompleteSpeech by email to explaining

the situation and why the member should be refunded. CompleteSpeech will contact the member addressing the petition within 5 business days.

International Memberships

International Student Memberships will have a customized shipping amount and a one-time $99 activation fee. International Student Memberships are a 7-month minimum term. This must be paid up front with the shipping and activation totals. No discounts are available for International Student Memberships aside from any monthly promotions of flash sales. A Student Membership Order Form with full payment must be received before any part of the SmartPalate System is shipped. In contrast to the standard student membership, the SmartPalate System will not be shipped upon activation and a dental packet is not available due to cost and complications of international shipping. It is possible that fees for duties and taxes will be required by a local Customs office. Any such additional cost will be the responsibility of the Member.

In place of the dental packet, an email will be sent with instructions for the dentist or orthodontist to make the upper palate impression. It is the member’s responsibility for packaging and shipping the stone model safely to CompleteSpeech. Once the dental mold is received and the SmartPalate is completed, the SmartPalate System and finished SmartPalate will ship together. International memberships also have the benefits of one free remake per year and member discounts, but shipping costs will have to be customized and paid before any products/replacements can be shipped to the member.

Accepted forms of international payment include major Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), Cash (USD), Travelers Checks, or Western Unions “Send Money: In-Person Money Transfer: Money in Minutes” or “Next Day Service” or a similar service, so long as said service for pickup is within a 30-mile radius of CompleteSpeech (1049 S Orem Blvd, Orem UT 84058 USA). CompleteSpeech is not responsible for any lost or incomplete payments and will not give out its bank account number to any customer or organization for any reason. Any fees incurred by the previously mentioned services is at the expense of the Member.

À La Carte Pricing