Evelyn Bor

Evelyn is a little shy at first, but after getting to know her you’ll see she has the sweetest personality. She’s a happy 6 year old girl who absolutely adores her family. Evelyn, her mom, and her grandma have all lived together for almost those entire six years. Evelyn’s father abandoned their family before she was born, leaving her mom to provide for Evelyn and herself. Living off one person’s income and raising a child has been very challenging for their family, but her mom’s an amazing woman who would do anything for her daughter.

Evelyn has struggled with developmental issues ever since birth. She wasn’t progressing with the other children her age, which made her mom and grandma very concerned. Evelyn’s mom took her to several different specialists to figure out what was causing the delays. After many appointments, doctors, and tests, no one was able to diagnose Evelyn.

It’s apparent she suffers from developmental delays, but without a definitive diagnosis, her doctors were unsure how to treat her symptoms.


Evelyn mainly struggles with her language and motor skills. At four years old she learned to walk, but only with the help of special walking apparatuses. In regards to speech, she was fairly limited with what she could say. She was limited to only a few words including “mom,” “dad,” “hello,” “yes,” and “no,” but not much more. Speech therapy sounded like a great option for Evelyn, but since they were living only off of her mother’s income, it was too expensive for them to afford. After lots of research, her mom came across the speech therapy sponsorship offered by F.A.S.T. She was extremely excited about finding this opportunity and quickly applied Evelyn for the program. Evenly was selected for the F.A.S.T sponsorship a few months later.

“My daughter has suffered many financial troubles to give my granddaughter what she needs. It was a great blessing for us when we found out that Evelyn would be sponsored to receive speech therapy.” – Evelyn’s Grandmother Evelyn began speech therapy at the end of 2016. She’s learning basic essential skills that will help her advance her speech and use the SmartPalate in the future if she can get a sponsor. 

Even with the basic speech therapy she is receiving with CompleteSpeech, her communication and understanding of others has greatly improved. There is still a long road ahead, but thanks to this sponsorship, Evelyn was given an opportunity that would have otherwise been impossible for her to receive. With the loving support of her mom and grandma there’s no doubt she will accomplish wonderful things. “Little by little Evelyn has been able to perform the exercises that will help her develop her language abilities. When I started with her, she understood very little of what I was saying, but now I see that she understands me much better. That is a great accomplishment considering her condition. ” – Lourdes, CompleteSpeech Therapist.