Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions:


The clinician and patient/parent, known as the “Therapy Team” must complete and submit all required documents to CompleteSpeech with all required signatures for the application process before the application can be considered.

Required documents include:

  • Sponsorship Application
  • Page 1 & 2 of Tax form 1040
  • Student Membership Agreement (Completed following approval)
  • The Therapy Team also agrees to the terms and conditions of the CompleteSpeech Information Release Agreement. Click to review the Information Release Agreement.
  • A stone model of the client’s upper palate must be submitted to CompleteSpeech within 14 days of delivery of the SmartPalate System and Dental Packet.
  • The equipment, processes, techniques and technology made available to the Therapy Team are to be used solely and exclusively by the Therapy Team.
  • Therapy sessions must be held regularly, according to sessions planned out in your
    Sponsorship application. No more than five therapy sessions may be missed during the active dates of the Sponsorship without CompleteSpeech’s knowledge and consent.


Once the SmartPalate has shipped, the Therapy Team agrees to submit digital copies of the following reports to reports@completespeech.com:

  1. Entry Report
    1. Completed by the clinician during the first session of therapy with the SmartPalate to track initial assessments.
    2. Due three weeks from the SmartPalate’s shipped date.
    3. Ex. If SmartPalate was shipped on Tuesday,
      September 1st, the Entry Report would be due by Tuesday, September 22nd.
  2. Session Reports
    1. Completed by the clinician for each session where the client uses the SmartPalate to track activities and progress.
    2. Due the 5th of each month.
    3. Ex. June’s Session reports must be submitted by July 5th.
  3. Weekly Home Practice Reports
    1. Completed by client/parents to track time practicing at home each week
    2. Due the 5th of each month.
    3. Ex. June’s weekly home practice reports (4 of them) are due on July 5th.
  4. Monthly Reports
    1. Completed by the clinician during the last session of therapy within the sponsorship period to show overall progress during month period.
    2. Due the 5th of each month.
    3. Ex. June’s monthly report must be submitted by July 5th.
  5. Final Report
    1. Completed by the clinician during the last session of therapy within the sponsorship period.
    2. Due 1 week after the final session within the sponsorship period.
    3. Ex. If 6M sponsorship period ends October 1st, the Therapy Team has an additional 30 days to use the system (October 31st) and 15 days to return the system (November 14th). If the final session occurs on October 26th, the Final Report is due on November 2nd.


The Therapy Team must notify CompleteSpeech whether they will cancel or re apply for the  Financial Program 30 days before the end of their Financial Program term.

If the Therapy Team does not notify CompleteSpeech 30 days before their end date, the Therapy Team will transition into normal membership status based upon the Terms & Conditions of the Financial Program and Student Membership Agreement initially submitted with the application at the discounted monthly membership rate of $69.99/month.

CompleteSpeech is not required but may choose to notify one or both members of the Therapy

Team of failure to comply with these terms and conditions. If the Therapy Team is notified of noncompliance, they will have a 30-day Remedy Period in which to resolve any compliance issues (if possible). If resolved, the sponsorship will continue as outlined in the terms above.

If the noncompliance issue is not resolved within the 30-day Remedy Period, CompleteSpeech will send a final notification of noncompliance, financial aid will be terminated, and full payment of the subsidized Sponsorship amount will be due within 15 business days from the 30-day Remedy Period’s end date.

In the event of noncompliance, seventy-five percent (75%) of the total subsidized amount is the responsibility of the Client, and twenty-five percent (25%) of the total subsidized amount due is the responsibility of the Clinician.