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The SmartPalate does what no other tool can. This bio-feedback technology creates a digital visualization of how your tongue functions during speech. Gain a clear understanding of what changes need to be made to build and perfect lasting speech habits.

Meet the System

It All Starts Here

The SmartPalate mouthpiece is custom-made with over 100 gold sensors that accurately capture tongue placement.

Meeting In The Middle

Information received from the mouthpiece, as well as audio input, is processed by the DataLink.

See It Come Together

The SmartPalate Software converts the information from the DataLink into a visual representation of your mouth.


Proven Versatility

Articulation Disorders

The SmartPalate excels at remediating articulation issues quickly and accurately. It is particularly successful when working with the pronunciation of R, L, and S sounds.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Overcome difficult communication barriers and promote better speech habits with the visuals features offered with the SmartPalate System.

Developmental Disorders

Provide a fun and engaging learning environment that encourages positive learning development.

Limitless Possibilities

Through creative application, the SmartPalate System continues to show versatility in a growing number of situations.


See the Difference

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The SmartPalate System


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