Speech Racer

Racing towards the perfect "R"

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Start Your Engines.

Take /r/ drilling to the next level with Speech Racer. This fun, easy, and effective app is the only app in speech therapy to grade spoken sound.

On Your Mark.

Designed as a reinforcement tool for children and youth who struggle with the /r/ sound, Speech Racer breaks down and analyzes the quality of the spoken /r/. Users then receive a grade indicated by a Red (needs work), Yellow (almost there) and Green (nailed it!) score.

Speech Racer features over 300 flash cards and 4 unique game modes to encourage fast and accurate /r/ practice.

Get Set.

Have you been struggling with the /r/ sound? Years of articulation research and advances in speech recognition technology come together to make Speech Racer the perfect /r/ drilling tool.

Go For The Gold.

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