Speech Therapy: Tips for home exercises

Many parents wonder how they can help their kids with speech therapy. Sometimes parents aren't sure if their young child needs to see a therapist and would like to do some exercises with them first. Sometimes it's not possible to involve a therapist because of financial reasons or because there are no therapists nearby. Often parents with kids in therapy want to supplement the lessons with activities at home.  While it's always best to involve a professional SLP whenever possible, there are a lot of great resources on the internet for parents of kids with speech problems. I've rounded up a few to get you started.



Robert Kurtz has created a website with a ton of helpful hints. He covers areas that will be helpful to any parent of young kids. Check out the "Tips & Ideas" page for some ideas on how to build a language-rich environment to help all children learn to communicate effectively and develop vocabulary.



For parents seeking for an in-depth resource on how to help their kids, look no further! Marcus Little has put together 18 speech therapy tips, including videos and additional resources. He has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this site and it would probably take hours to go through it all!



Here are a ton of resources for parents in the form of worksheets, inspiration, and links to other speech therapy sites. This is a very well-designed and helpful site.



This site is no longer active, but it does have some tips and advice from parents on how they used different games and speech therapy techniques with their kids. It's unfortunate that it's not begin updated anymore because there is a lot of great stuff here. 


If anybody know of other helpful websites or forums for parents to share ideas, post them in the comments. We want to hear from you!