Financial Aid Program

Free and/or discounted tools & speech therapy for qualifying members!

Millions of children, teens and adults in the United States and across the world are receiving speech therapy at their own expense. CompleteSpeech is offering a solution to our network of CompleteSpeech Members by partnering with generous individuals and organizations who have donated to a sponsorship fund to provide tools and/or therapy to qualifying individuals at little to no out of pocket cost. Sponsors include philanthropists, business owners, speech-language pathologists and other charitable individuals, including parents*.

The CompleteSpeech Sponsorship Program provides discounted and/or free tools and therapy to qualifying individuals based on requirements specified by individual donating sponsors and sponsoring organizations.  All sponsored speech therapy students must be willing to submit regular progress reports throughout their sponsored time period.  Sponsorship opportunities are currently available for CompleteSpeech member's clients who are receiving speech therapy and meet ANY of the following criteria:

  • is receiving therapy for delayed articulation and meets low income requirements
  • is Deaf or hearing impaired and working on improving vocal speech (includes cochlear implant recipients)
  • has received reconstructive cleft palate surgery
  • is a teenager with Down Syndrome working on articulation

To apply, request an application and a selection committee will review your eligibility with available sponsorship funds and notify you of any available benefits. Additional populations will be released as more individual sponsors and sponsoring organizations participate. Submitted progress reports will be shared with an individual's sponsor and used for marketing and research purposes. See Terms & Conditions.

*Donate and become a sponsor today! Contact us for more information.


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