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SmartPalate in Education

Investigating the Use of Traditional and Spectral Biofeedback Approaches to Intervention for /r/ Misarticulation

Widening Access to Electropalatography for Children With Persistent Sound System Disorders

Treating Myofunctional Disorders: A Multiple-Baseline Study of a New Treatment Using Electropalatography

The Use of Electropalatography in the Treatment of Acquired Apraxia of Speech

Adaptation to an Electropalatograph Palate: Acoustic, Impressionistic, and Perceptual Data

Evoking [r] Using Visual Feedback

The Use of Visual Feedback to Elicit Correct /r/

A Relationship Between Stimulability and the Efficacy of Visual Biofeedback in the Training of a Respiratory Control Task

Aglossia Study

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