• Introducing the TargetPalate The TargetPalate is the best resource for
    tactile-feedback to help develop articulation.

  • Speech Racer is Here! Speech Racer is a revolutionary app created
    to help children and youth who struggle to
    pronounce the “R” sound consistently.
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  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE See how innovative, visual technology is
    improving speech and changing lives!

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  • VowelViz &
    VowelViz Pro
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Our Success Model

Our innovative tools eliminate guessing in speech therapy and maximize results.

Create Understanding

Custom biofeedback targets allow students to consistently practice sounds accurately without guessing.

Practice Effectively

Self-monitoring tools provide accurate practice in therapy AND at home in between sessions.

Develop Habits

Engaging and effective practice leads to faster muscle memory and measurable results.

Inspire Confidence

Immediate progress empowers students with confidence and hope for a bright future.

"I'm taking kids that no one else has been successful with, and we're having success."

Holly Stankosky M.S. CCC-SLP
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"So awesome, her parents are thrilled!"

-Rachel Johnston M.A. CCC-SLP
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"I can finally SEE what I am doing."

Doug K. SmartPalate User
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"Visual feedback virtually ELIMINATES GUESSWORK
in traditional therapy."

-Brittany Badke B.a., Sarah Cron B.A., Renee Fabus, Ph.D. CCC-SLP & Lawerence Rapheal, Ph.D. CCC-SLP
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Practice Perfectly

Practice correct articulation by matching your tongue with visual targets in real-time.

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Smarter Apps

Master vowels & vocalic /r/ with our dynamic, voice-recognizing apps!

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Helping you Help Others

Receive training and assistance in our new social training network of parents and professionals.

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